We promise we are not bias, but we have the best lesson horses around! Not only are they kind, quiet and beautiful. They are also competitive and will teach you the ropes at home and showing. All our horses have their own unique personalities and strengths. We hope you love them as much as we do!

About Us

We are a full service hunter, jumper and equitation lesson and show barn. We teach beginners to advanced and children to adults, to ride. If you want to do more than just ride in the lesson program, you can move into showing, horse leasing and/or ownership. We are here every step of the way with a kind yet competitive program. Learn more about our program on our About Us page.

Our Horses

Meet our lesson horses and ponies! We are so blessed to have a great string of kind and willing horses and ponies that will teach you all you need to know. From beginner to advanced, our group of horses and ponies are the best to help riders of all levels.


Wyatt--resident unicorn and the most perfect horse on the planet. Your intro lesson will most likely happen on this perfect boy. Then from there he dabbles in a little of everything. From just starting out to jumping up to 2'-Wyatt is the king at Badger Ridge Farm.
*Leased for the Summer 2024


Rita is so fun and used for our more intermediate riders. If Wyatt is the king, she's the queen. A favorite draw at IEA shows. Rita teaches some lessons but is mostly available to lease to riders jumping 2'. She is our resident Grandma and we love her so much.
*Available for Lease Summer/Fall 2024


If you ever wanted to ride a national champion hunter and equitation horse, here you go! We are so blessed that so many horses Alison trained in the past come back to teach others. Sterling has won more awards than can be counted, he can teach you so much.
*Leased for the Summer 2024


Willow is a favorite "pony squad" member. She teaches beginners through 2' and does a great job of teaching steering. She is a favorite IEA mount as well. Since she is our resident white pony, you'll also see her painted at Summer Camp.
*Available for Lease


Ollie is one of our new members of the "pony squad." He is a green medium and learning the ropes of being a lesson and kids show pony. We do teach on him and hopefully by next year he will be available to lease. He is cute as a button with a bit of pony sassiness.
*Available Spring 2025 for Lease


Potato is our giant couch. This big guy is super smooth and laid back. You might hear us call him every form of potato so don't be confused. Potato is a beginner lesson horse and teaches a lot of adults due to his size, but he'll take care of your kid too.
*Available for Lease Fall of 2024.


Bugs is mostly used for our intermediate riders but he's slowly figuring out how to tote a beginner around. But we told him he didn't have to do that job if he didn't want to since he's such a star for his current job. Bugs acts a little grumpy, but he is a big teddy bear.
*Available for Lease


Lucky is a show and lease horse in training. She is so sweet and quiet and excited to start her journey into perfection. She is used in our intermediate lessons and will be shown this year to prepare for her lease next year. Proudly owned by Grace Allison.
*Available for Lease in 2025


Sweeet Ducky is a lesson horse in training. You'll see him around the farm with his cocked head, isn't he the cutest? Hopefully he will be integrated into the lesson program in 2025, but for now you can enjoy all his cuteness. You may see Grace or Alison working with him. *Side note, he's Lucky's brother 🙂

Come Ride With Us



Beginners to advanced–kids to adults, let us help you reach your riding goals! Please visit our lesson page for detailed information on all we provide.



Horses are more than just riding. Our riders have the opportunity to join in on horsemanship classes that can leads to horse ownership.



Some students opt to continue their horse journey by showing and our horses are available to do that with. Learn more by visting our Show page.



We have the best barn family! Horses are a passion and you will learn so much about riding. But it’s supposed to be FUN! Come join our kind crew.


What Our Clients Say


“Alison and all of the sweet ladies at Badger Ridge Farm are the BEST and the sweetest! Very professional and very friendly!!”


“Amazing horses and people! There’s a very welcoming and family type atmosphere here that is so great to find. 10/10 recommend!”


“Both my daughter and I have learned alot since joining BRF last spring. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Tons of positive reinforcement and encouragement between rides and instructors. We have tried many barns around the area and are thankful to have found Badger Ridge Farm.”


“Alison and all of the sweet ladies at Badger Ridge Farm are the BEST and the sweetest! Very professional and very friendly!!”

Book a Lesson

Ready to start riding with us? We offer a one time intro lesson to give our program a try. No lesson package required, but your intro lesson fee is applied to your first package if you choose to continue. Learn more about our lesson program and book your first lesson. We can’t wait to meet you!

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