Horseback Riding Lessons at Badger Ridge Equestrian

We are so excited you found us and want to take horseback riding lessons. Whether you are just starting out, coming back after a long pause or been riding for years, we have a lesson tier that will work perfectly for you. No one is too young or too old to experience the joy of horses.

We offer lessons for children and adults. Most of our lessons are half hour privates. But as you progress in your riding, you may join a group of kids and/or adults at your same level. Below we have laid out generally how you will progress in riding. If you do ride in a group, groups are usually 3 or less people.

If you would like to see the other events we have at Badger Ridge Equestrian including horsemanship clinics, check out our events page.

Find Your Level

Don’t know how to start out in horseback riding? Want to get to know the sport? Just START! The starter package is perfect for first time or casual riders.


Adding horsemanship/unmounted lessons is where you really get to know what it takes to immerse yourself in the sport. Learning to be around the horses in various situations, their upkeep and care of all facets of the barn builds an important knowledge base as you/your child grows in the sport. Ask to join our community app to participate in Horsemanship classes.


As you advance in your riding, to get significantly better you must ride more than once a week. You’ll also have exposure to our advanced horsemanship classes. If you are thinking of showing, this is the package you must be in before you can start showing. You must be in this level if you would like to join the IEA team and/or jump if you don’t own a horse.


Riding independently is important if you ever want to own or lease a horse. Once you have gotten through the Advanced level and want to come ride on your own, this is your next step. If you are jumping above crossrails for IEA, this is the minimum requirement. Next step is horse ownership or leasing!


What's In A Level


When you start taking lessons, whether you have ridden before or not, you’ll always start here. This is the time when you figure out if riding is the right sport for you or your child. If you have been riding for awhile and exploring our program, the START level is a low commitment way to try it out and be sure we are the right fit for you. The START level is a weekly commitment. Just like dance or gymnastics, you will be assigned a weekly lesson time slot and are expected to arrive 5 minutes early for your lesson time to ensure an on time start. Lessons are 30 minutes of saddle time. There is availability to groom before or after the lesson but it may not be on the horse you are lessoning on. As you move through the levels, there is more opportunity for hands on horsemanship.


Once you or your child has gotten the “horse bug,” you’ll want to start learning more about horses. There is so much more to horses than just riding. Horses take a lot of care and commitment.  When you move to the GROWING level, you’ll be invited to our app where you can follow along with all the events at Badger Ridge Equestrian. In the GROWING level, you have access to our monthly horsemanship classes. These 2 hour deep dives into various topics of horse care and activities are held 4-6 times a month at various days/times, you can attend 1 or all of them, whatever works in your schedule. Click on "growing" to go to our events page for a list of our favorite unmounted horsemanship lessons. Check the app for events of the month.


You’re moving right along the road of horse owning or leasing! Once you have been riding for a bit, you may start getting interested in competing so you’ll move into our ADVANCED level. Just like any other sport, we have competitions that test our skills against other athletes. If you want to compete, you’ll need to take 2 lessons a week to hone your skills and prepare for competition. In this level, you will also start cantering courses, have access to advanced level horsemanship classes and quarterly video reviews of your riding. Adults must accompany children younger than 13 years old to their horsemanship classes if they plan to move to the INDEPENDENT level to also learn how to handle the horse (there is no extra charge for this).


Congrats–you’ve rocked all the levels and have earned the ability to start riding on your own! This is a big accomplishment and responsibility. The INDEPENDENT riding level is the last step to horse ownership or leasing. In this level you ride 4 times a week with a mix of lessons and independent riding. You’ll always be scheduled for 2 lessons per week, but if there is a scheduling conflict, you can change it to an independent ride at your convenience. You still have access to all horsemanship classes and will be showing up to Short/Long Stirrup Division. Your riding may include one horse to focus on and show or a mix of horses to hone your flexibility as a rider. While in the INDEPENDENT level, we can start horse shopping! This is the best time to start looking for a permanent partner. Talk to Alison to learn all about the road to horse ownership.


Ready to START? First sign up for an intro lesson. Fill out the form and we will text you to set something up. It may take 48 hours for us to get in touch with you, please be patient. We are usually on a waitlist, so reaching out ASAP is key. 

General Pricing

Deposit or One Time Lesson …………………………… $90
All new lesson clients must pay a deposit to hold your spot through Venmo or Payment Link. If you can’t commit to a weekly lesson, you may pay for individual lessons as we can fit you in. Lesson deposit is applied to your first package.

Package of 4 Lessons ………………………………….. $300
Due to our limited riding spots available, we ask you to make a commitment to a weekly lesson.

Mini Lesson ………………………………………………….. $30

15 minute walk lesson for your little one (2-6 years old) to explore time on horse-back. You can also visit with our other farm animals for a fun day out. No weekly commitment required.

Haul-in Lesson or Horse Evaluation ………………… $150
Have your own horse and need an evaluation or a lesson? We typically do these Saturday mornings with limited availability. Text to book.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

If lessons are for a child, please list your child or children's name and ages.

Lessons are Monday-Thursday, please list your time availability on those days to see how we can best accommodate your schedule.

If you or your child has ridden in the past, please describe what you/they are currently doing. If never ridden before, you can leave blank or indicate "none."

We Have More Than Horseback Riding

Come enjoy what we like to call the “Funny Farm.” Goats, chickens, bunnies and kitties are all here to enjoy and get your furry friend fix. Take a stroll down the lane either while your child takes lessons or after you finish your own. If you are bringing other children to a lesson for a sibling, they can enjoy the animals or ask about other toys and games we have available.

We have beautiful spot to relax while your children are riding. Come enjoy the peace and serenity at Badger Ridge Farm.

Other Special Events

Horsemanship Camps

Throughout the year we will have different length horsemanship camps for kids on weekends, during school and summer breaks. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or check out our camp page for upcoming events and pricing.

Horsemanship Clinics

Throughout the year we will have various clinicians join us at Bader Ridge Farm. Some will be riding clinics, others will be general horse knowledge clinics. Follow us on Facebook or check out our clinic page for upcoming events and pricing.

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