Saturdays are for extra fun!

Does your kid want extra horsey time?

Most Saturdays at Badger Ridge Farm are dedicated to extra horsey fun. Check out the calendar for upcoming events and scroll past the calendar to see what you’ll be learning. Earn a special certificate for each horsemanship day you complete.

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Horsemanship and Mini Clinics

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Special Events

Horsemanship and Mini Clinic Topics


Learn the parts of the horse and how they work differently and the same as humans. Learn why horses move the way they do and how they grow.

Types of Tack

At Badger Ridge, we teach the English riding discipline. Learn all about the tack we use and the difference in other riding disciplines

Wrapping and Boots

Sometimes horses get hurt and we need to wrap their legs to help them get better. We also using wrapping and boots to prevent injury, we'll teach it all!

First Aid

Horses hurt themselves more often than you think! Come learn about some common horse injuries we treat at the farm and others that we call the vet.

Braiding and Mane/Tail Care

For certain horse shows, we will braid our horses manes and tails in a special way. Caring for a horse's mane and tail takes extra TLC, come learn more!

Horse Safety

Riding isn't the only time we need to be safe on a horse. Come learn how we spend every day with the horses and avoid injury with these huge animals.

Feeding Your Horse

One thing most people don't know about horses is they are very sensitive to what they can and can't eat or they will get very sick. A horse's diet is made up of grain, hay , grass and of course TREATS! Come learn more.

Lunging and Vaulting

Everyone that starts out in our program knows what lunging is, you all start on the lunge line. But there are many important reasons we lunge. We will also let everyone have a turn riding with the vaulting equipment.

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