Lessson Tiers

We are so excited you found us and want to take riding lessons. Whether you are just starting out, coming back after a long pause or been riding for years, we have a lesson tier that will work perfectly for you. No one is too young or too old to experience the joy of horses.

We offer lessons for children and adults. Most of our lessons are half hour privates. But as you progress in your riding, you may join a group of kids and/or adults at your same level. Below we have laid out generally how you will progress in riding. If you do ride in a group, groups are usually 3 or less people.

If you would like to see the other events we have at Badger Ridge Farm including horsemanship clinics, check out our events page.

Mini Lesson

Designed for 0-6 years old to try riding for the first time. This 15 minute lesson is done at a walk only with your child being led.  They may spend some of their time brushing and petting the pony/horse if they are afraid to ride. Your child can take as many Mini Lessons as needed before moving into Tier 1. ($30)

Tier 1-Green Beans

Tier 1 is geared towards beginners learning to walk and trot. This crucial time is when riders learn the proper base position that will serve them for the rest of their years riding. These lessons are ½ hour individual lessons, you have the option of riding for the full 30 minutes or 20 minutes riding and 10 minutes either before or after learning about grooming and tack parts. You will stay in tier 1 until you can trot independently (off lunge line).

Tier 2-Blossoms

Tier 2 lessons are private or group lessons of 1-3 riders that can trot independently. These lessons are 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the class. May include grooming and tacking/untacking your horse or pony based on lesson schedule and horse you are riding. You will stay in Tier 2 until you are ready to start cantering. Tier 2 focuses on solid leg position, perfecting diagonals, and getting the base you need to start cantering and eventually jumping.

Tier 3-Ferns

Tier 3  lessons are group lessons of up to 3 riders that are starting to learn to canter. These lessons are 30 minutes to 1 hour long depending on the number of riders. May include grooming and tacking/untacking your horse or pony based on lesson schedule and horse you are riding. The first part of the lesson is trotting independently. Then each rider will get individual time on the lunge line to learn to canter. You will stay in Tier 3 until you can canter independently (off lunge line).

Tier 4-Azaleas

Tier 4 lessons are private or group lessons up to 3 people. These lessons are up to 1 hour long depending on number of students in the lesson. May include grooming and tacking/untacking your horse or pony based on lesson schedule and horse you are riding. In Tier 4 they will begin to learn to jump and start jumping cross rails. You will stay in Tier 4 until we feel you can groom and tack independently and canter a course of cross rails.

Tier 5-Mighty Oaks

Tier 5 is the highest Tier in our lesson program. It is designed for riders who can groom and tack horses independently and are cantering around small courses. Tier 5 riders will be placed in appropriate groups based on the height they are able to jump. These are group lessons, up to 5 people and 1-1.5 hours long depending on the number of riders. Tier 5 riders should have their horses groomed, tacked and be in arena, mounted and walking at their lesson time. 

Next step is horse lease or ownership!

We Have More Than Horseback Riding

Come enjoy what we like to call the “Funny Farm.” Goats, chickens, bunnies and kitties are all here to enjoy and get your furry friend fix. Take a stroll down the lane either while your child takes lessons or after you finish your own. If you are bringing other children to a lesson for a sibling, they can enjoy the animals or ask about other toys and games we have available.

We have beautiful spot to relax while your children are riding. Come enjoy the peace and serenity at Badger Ridge Farm.

Other Special Events

Mommy and Me-$75

Are you a Mommy (or Daddy) that used to ride but with new, young kiddos haven't found the time? Mommy and me is an exclusive NEC program twice a week that we provide a babysitter while you have your lesson! With this program, you must have prior riding experience and be confident through cantering on the flat. This is a 1 hour group lesson of up to 5 people. The horse will be tacked for you. While you ride, your kiddo will have their own barn fun with our qualified babysitter.

Muffins and Mimosas-$75

One Saturday morning of the month we have a group adult lesson and take some time to enjoy the horses and the farm. Sometimes we'll have a clinician or we'll just ride, chat and have breakfast and adult beverages. Join us for a couple hours Saturday morning.

Horsemanship Camps

Throughout the year we will have different length horsemanship camps for kids on weekends, during school and summer breaks. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or check out our camp page for upcoming events and pricing.

Horsemanship Clinics

Throughout the year we will have various clinicians join us at Bader Ridge Farm. Some will be riding clinics, others will be general horse knowledge clinics. Follow us on Facebook or check out our clinic page for upcoming events and pricing.

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