Riding Essentials

As you become dedicated to riding, you will want to start investing in riding apparel. We’ve picked out a few essentials and given you some links to get you started. If you want to do some shopping, there are 2 great “tack” stores in Franklin:

  1. Franklin Horse Supply (local): 1561 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN
  2. Dover Saddlery (chain): 1114 Hillsboro Rd #140, Franklin, TN

Both stores have helpful staff that can help pick out helmets and boots. We are also here to help you with any questions.

Riding Gear to get you Started

Here are 3 things that are essential as you start riding. These are inexpensive brands to get you started. but there are many to choose from if you’d like to do some shopping on your own. There are also great Facebook Groups that sell used riding clothes if you are looking for even better bargains.


Having a proper helmet is key to protect against falls. Also it will stay on your head properly while the horse is in motion. Troxel is the only brand we DON’T recommend.

Paddock Boots

Having the proper foot ware will greatly benefit you or your child in several ways. 1) protect feet from heavy hooves, 2) proper placement and safety of the foot in the stirrup.

Half Chaps

The stirrup leather may begin to rub the calf. Half chaps prevent pinching and rubbing. There are tons of brands, and may be something best to get in person at a tack store, but you can start here.


After you get the essentials, some people opt to go the next level to really look the part. Below are some other favorites to take your riding outfit to the next level. Again there are a lot of brands out there, a few of the more popular and what we recommend to get you started are Ariat, Treadstep and Kerrits. 


Knee-patch and full-seat breeches and tights offer specialized grip for jumping, dressage or pleasure riding. Made to support your riding, breeches come in a variety of colors, cuts and fabrics for schooling and competition in all seasons of the year.


Riding shirts and tops ensure comfort in fabrics with a variety of benefits–stretch, moisture-wicking, breathability, UV protection and more. Pair a riding top with a schooling breech or riding tight plus belts and other accessories to enjoy many great rides!

Gloves & Accessories

From schooling to show ring and summer to winter, you’ll find just the right option at tack stores, in person or online. After the outfit, you can deck out with gloves, socks, belts, a protective vest and a special bag to carry all your horsey goods. 

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